Everything you need to know about bonus codes

The video game industry and games, in general, have grown a lot over the years but one thing has remained roughly the same – bonus codes. Bonus codes were implemented a while ago and they can be considered as cheat codes or simply as Caesars casino bonus code that can bring you some free items in your favorite game. So let’s see what these bonus codes are exactly, how we get them and how we use them.

What are bonus codes?

Bonus codes are strings of text that can be written using only numbers, only letters, or both, or they can be a simple word. In the gaming world, these can be used to get a special in-game item, for example like a cheat code in Grand Theft Auto games.

If you’re lucky enough to get them, these bonus codes can be redeemed for some downloadable content (DLC) for your game or an add-on to improve your experience. GTA games have only cheat bonus codes but other games include many other ways of using bonus codes. These codes have been implemented by gaming companies in order to keep their gaming community happy. After all, everyone feels happy when they get some free stuff which is limited or expensive or hard to get.

How to find bonus codes?

Now let’s talk about how we can find bonus codes and where they come from. Nowadays, big companies use social media to offer these codes, which is a really good move since people use social media a lot and there are a lot of communities of gamers on them. Many companies offer giveaways, but some of them make a quiz about a game or think of a way to challenge the community so that they can literally fight over these bonus codes.

Some years ago when social media were not so popular and widespread, people had to look for these codes on various sites. Sometimes they would sell them for money. Fortunately, companies have realized that bonus codes are a great way of keeping the community happy, so we can find them much more easily now.

How to use bonus codes?

Since we now know what bonus codes are and how to get them, let’s see how we can use them. Many games have an in-game way of redeeming these bonus codes. For example, in Grand Theft Auto games you just start typing these codes or press a special button so that you can enter the bonus code. In other games, there are special tabs or separate parts where you should enter these bonus codes and use them for in-game items. If the bonus code is for a game or for a DLC for the game, you need to enter the code into the platform, such as Steam or Origin. In the case of Steam, you need to go to the games section and find the option redeem a product on Steam or Origin. For PS4 or Xbox One, while on the dashboard, go to the redeem a code tab and put in the code. Remember that, when you find a bonus code, you should pay attention to which platform you can use it for so that you don’t make a mistake and someone takes it away before you.