How to start your Twitch career

When you are spending your days in a whirlwind of responsibilities, tasks, and meetings, it is important to have a way to relax and reset. Some people like to come home after a long day and take a hot bath, and some like to read. In the past couple of years, many people have started watching Twitch as a way to relax and keep their minds off of stressful stuff. And seeing what huge success you can have on Twitch, many people have, in turn, started streaming as a hobby or even as a full-time job. Therefore, it isn’t surprising at all that starting a career on Twitch is such a popular subject and many people are wondering just how to do that. Keep on reading!

Good mic 

If you have ever watched a Twitch stream, you have probably stayed because the streamer was engaging and entertaining, not because you actually wanted to see them playing games (or whatever else they were doing). That means that having a good mic so that people can hear you well is important when you first start streaming. Of course, you do not have to spend your money on the best mic in the store right away – a simple but decent one will do well enough. 

Good internet connection 

Most people have an internet connection, but for streaming, you need to have a very strong one. There is nothing worse than when you are trying to have a good time and watch a stream and it just keeps pausing and breaking. This situation is also stressful for the streamer and it could cost them some viewers. Therefore, before you even start, make sure you have this under control. 

Choose your niche 

Now let’s go on to some more interesting stuff. Choosing what you are going to stream. You probably already have an idea of what interests you and what you want to do, and if you do not, just think about what you like to watch. If you like to watch people build houses in Sims, why not do that? Enjoying what you are doing while you are streaming is really important because it will show on camera if you are bored. People usually stream for several hours, and many do it every day, so it will not be easy to fake liking something just for the sake of becoming popular on Twitch. In order for your viewers to enjoy your streams, you need to enjoy streaming as well. 

Interact with viewers 

Having a loyal fan base is essential, so it is very important that you engage with your viewers. Answer their messages and comments in the chat and also ask them some questions to keep them more engaged. This will form a connection between you and your viewers and you will be able to see the same ones coming again and again to your streams. 

Contact other streamers

When you have been streaming for some time and already have a small audience, it might be a good idea to get in touch with other creators. Just message someone you like and see whether they would be interested in working with you. You might be surprised at how nice people turn out to be.