Top Upcoming PC Game Releases 2022

The year 2021 was kind of slow and was still trying to sort all of the problems that began in 2020. Luckily as far as game releases go 2022 looks like it’s going to be huge because there are tons of exciting titles on the horizon. Much like Betfred welcome Bonus that allows players to have more fun gambling online, new releases will ensure that gamers all over the world are never bored. So let’s see what the year 2022 has in store. 

Diablo 4

The long-awaited Diablo 4 is going to be released in 2022. Blizzard Entertainment has been under a lot of fire lately, and things like World of Warcraft patches have been postponed. We all hope that this production schedule won’t affect the Diablo 4 release, as Diablo 2 remastered was launched on time.  

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

It seems we won’t be getting any new Batman games which makes sense considering how the last one wrapped up its story. We will get one where all of the Batman’s sidekicks team up and we will get this new Suicide Squad. It seems there are multiple characters you get to play with and the story looks good so we will have to wait and see. 

Wolf Among Us 2

Telltale is known for creating these amazing interactive experiences, or narrative-driven games. Wolf Among Us was a success and after all this time we are finally getting a sequel where we will unwrap more mysteries of the Fabletown. 

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Fans were expecting this game to be released for more than a year and it keeps getting postponed. Everyone is still eager to sink their teeth into this title and make their own vampire character, so hopefully, the game will deliver on all the promises it made. 

Elden Ring

Souls series fans are eagerly awning for the Elden Ring. The game gives off a strong Dark Souls vibe, and even George R.R Martin was included in this FromSoftware project. So far all of the games from Demon Souls to Sekiro were a success and nobody minds waiting for a bit longer to play Elden Ring. If we ultimately get a more polished product and a very difficult game to master, there will be plenty of gameplay time in 2022.  

The Elder Scrolls VI

It seems like eons have passed since Skyrim was released. Although Elder Scrolls online has a decent player base and still receives updates, fans are hungry for the next installment in the Elder Scroll series. We all want to see another massive and immersive world with lots of different character leveling possibilities. Skyrim is still played even up to this day, which only means the team knows what they are doing. Still, it’s been too long, and hopefully, we will finally get this game in 2022. 

Hogwarts Legacy 

Lastly, every Harry Potter fan is dying of anticipation to see what Hogwarts Legacy will look like. This is another RPG game set in the world of Harry Potter, and it takes place before the story in the books. You will create your own wizard, join one of four houses, learn new spells and uncover all of the magical secrets of Hogwarts. The early gameplay footage looks good, so we all have high hopes for this one.