Twitch Is Great – And Here’s Why!

The internet is a great tool when used to better ourselves. It can also be used for entertainment, which is actually what most people use the internet for. While it is not the best way to use the internet, it helps in times when things are tough and when we need to relax.

Gamers have their own communities which they tend to stick with, for good reason. Gaming is tough enough on its own, and without having external sites to get tips or entertainment from, it can get even tougher.

Twitch is one of the best sites that every gamer should visit at least once, or use as a tool to improve or enjoy. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Free Game-Specific Content

Most people who stream on Twitch and are successful, are there for one or two reasons, they are entertaining, or they are very good at the game they are playing. Both of these things are important for Twitch viewers, which is why most Twitch streamers are actually very good at the game they are streaming.

Some streamers have a cult following, so they stream variety, but the vast majority stick to one game as the main game, and the content is streamed for free.

Viewers can watch people play their favorite game, and thus find neat tips and tricks on how to improve at the said game. 

Entertainment On Demand

Albeit not all streamers upload VODs of their streams, some do, and thus you can see any stream that you might have missed, enjoying gameplay even when the streamer is not online at the moment. Most streamers, at least successful ones, stream at least five days per week.

When they are not streaming, or you can’t find anyone you like online, you can watch vods, which are frequently 8 hours long, depending on the streamer and their dedication/schedule. When things are tough or when we need some fun, Twitch is a great resource, particularly for gamers.

Esports Watching

Twitch is one of the primary services to use if you like esports titles. Esports games are typically streamed on Twitch, anything from League of Legends to CS: GO, to Valorant and Apex Legends. Whether you want to watch professionals practice, or you want to watch tournaments, Twitch is used by most international and regional tournaments as a streaming service. 

Esports watching with Twitch chat is pretty fun, particularly if you don’t like the official cast. Most popular streamers have professional tournament watch parties. 

Twitch is a great site, or rather, streaming service, for people who enjoy playing and watching video games. It is a great tool for gamers, and these have been some of the reasons why.