5 Great Games To Help You Learn Languages

If you enjoy playing games and learning a new language, then below is a list you will love. Whether you are learning a new language for an upcoming trip or just enjoy learning, there are many games out there for learning new languages. There are also great games that you can play along with your children or spouse and learn together.


FluentU is an app that can help you to learn a new language. It contains video and audio clips that you can listen to on your iPhone or iPad. It is a free app that lets you choose how you want to learn. If the videos aren’t for you, there is also another feature that can teach you a new language by using flashcards. It allows you to look up words instantly, so you can accurately practice.

Digital Dialects

This online game offers learning opportunities for over 70 languages from all over the world. It is not just learning words, but you can learn phrases, verb conjugations as well as numbers and letters. It is also completely free to use if you go to the website.


Duolingo can be played on your phone as an app or on the internet. It is a fun game where you learn words and phrases and then have to pass a quiz to level up. The better you do, the quicker you move up levels. It is also a game that you can play while connecting with and competing against friends. Learn up to 16 languages with your friends.


Babbel is another great game for learning a new language. What separates it from other language learning tools is that it has voice recognition. This can help you to be sure you are pronouncing words and phrases correctly. It offers the opportunity to learn 14 languages. You can choose whether you want to play it as a game or just use it to practice.


Who doesn’t love mindsnacks? This app has a catchy name and can make learning a new language fun. It is best known for assisting its users with ensuring proficiency in conversational skills, not just vocabulary and memorization. It offers a different app for each language it teaches. Choose from Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese. Each of the apps contains both games and lessons that directly teach you the language.

MindSnacks has won awards for having great tools for education and also offers other types of learning.

Learning a new language can be super fun. Help your children do better in their foreign language class or go ahead and learn that language you have always wanted to. There are so many options out there. Just find which app suits your learning style.