Why Are FIFA Games the Best Sports Games You Can Play?

Sports games are aplenty, even though they are not as popular as they have once been. During the days when PC and console gaming cafes were popular, prior to everybody having internet, sports games were among the most played video games. Other games like Counter Strike and DotA were also popular.

Sports typically have lots of fans who are passionate about their teams and athletes, supporting them by watching, or sometimes even by placing bets on their favorite team by using the bemybet.com website.

Sports video games are numerous, but one game, like one sport, stands above them all, and that would be the FIFA series of sports games.

Here is why the FIFA series is the best sports series and not just a football game.

It Has Been There for a Long Time

The longevity argument isn’t true for every product, every brand, or anything. Older doesn’t mean better, albeit some people will argue that it does. Even when something older might be better due to “better” components being used at the time, let’s say, guitar amps, there have been tons of bad amps built during the 1960s and 1970s, in which case old doesn’t mean gold.

However, the FIFA series, it is the most popular sports game series, meaning that it also has lots of money behind it. A heavy investment does not make a game good, but dedication does. A best-selling series cannot remain best selling without constant support and dedication from both the developers and the publisher.

FIFA is Simply Good

FIFA equals good gameplay. Every sports fan likes good gameplay, which is why FIFA games sell better than other games. It also helps that football is the most popular sport on the planet, which helps bolster sales. Some FIFA games in the series had strange gameplay, like the 2002 World Cup edition, which had flaming kicks and players leaving trails behind when sprinting.

FIFA games tend to play well and that is what sports fans want. A no-frills experience that is a gameplay focused, albeit with some graphical improvements, and of course, keeping with the times.

Licensed Clubs and Leagues

Given that football fans mostly play FIFA games, it is only expected that the same fans would want to see their favorite clubs in the games.

EA goes the distance, getting licenses for various clubs and leagues, most notably the largest European leagues like the Premier league, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and so on and so forth. With your favorite clubs and players being in the game, it is easier to love the game.


FIFA games tend to be among the best sports games that you can play. They have a huge backing, from both developers and fans, making them one of the most popular sports games on the planet. Try them out, even if you don’t particularly care about football.