Online or real-life card games?

Whether you enjoy the company of others or you are more into playing on your computer, card games can certainly bring a lot of fun. There’s been a huge debate over whether it is better to play card games online or in real life, but both ways have some good sides. Some people, for example, prefer to play casino games in actual casinos while others like to use the Mr Green VR bonus and test their luck online!

Advantages of online card games

The most obvious advantage of online card games is their accessibility. What this means is that you can play whatever card game you want, whenever you want to and wherever you want to. It doesn’t matter if your friends are out of town or they are busy at the moment and they can’t come over for a game night. In such situations, playing card games online is way better compared to playing cards in real life, because you don’t need to worry about who you can play the game with. You just need to connect to the internet and play with whoever is online and ready to play on the website of your choice.

What’s more, when you play cards online, you are able to choose from a great variety of games. You can play whatever card game you feel like playing at the moment. Who wants to argue for half an hour whether you want to play poker or rummy? If you want to play rummy, play rummy!

Advantages of playing card games in real life

On the other hand, when playing card games in real life, there is a sense of familiarity and comfort. It is way more personal to play in real life. A lot more jokes can come out of playing with your friends compared to playing with some stranger on the internet. Sometimes, playing games online might feel like doing business – play and get it done with. Playing card games in real life is more about the process, the laughter and the jokes you make with your friends.

Another great thing about playing cards in real life is that you can predict your opponent’s moves more accurately. By observing their body language, you may be able to guess what they are planning to do next. Although you can pick up someone’s playing patterns online as well, you can never experience the same excitement like when you play with a person you think you know well.


All in all, it depends on your preferences. If you are someone who enjoys spending time with their friends and in the company of others, then playing cards in real life is more suited for you. If you are someone who just wants to play card games regardless of who you play with, then online games are perfect for you.