Is it possible to bet on e-sports?

For a long time, betting has attracted the attention of a huge number of people, especially online, where benefits like Betway Free Bet Offer can be easily obtained. Nowadays, hundreds of millions of people like to try their luck and test their knowledge in order to guess the outcome of some sports event. The digital revolution has brought a new possibility for betting – e-sports.


E-sports refer to competitions in which participants play video games. They have risen to popularity in recent years and there is a great chance that they will become one of the most popular things to bet on. Playing video games is already fun, so why not globalizing it and turning it into an actual sport? In 1972, Stanford University students held the first gaming tournament with only one game – Spacewar. Today, four decades later, gaming tournaments attract hundreds of thousands of people.

Why bet on e-sports?

It’s quite understandable why people would like to bet on e-sports. It’s simple, it’s fun and, although e-sports are relatively new, many betting sites have already made it possible for people to bet on a lot of gaming tournaments. In fact, there are so many gaming tournaments you can bet on that it’s safe to say that this is one of the better things in the new millennium. There are a lot of well-known bookmakers around the world that offer a large number of options and you don’t even have to bet money only.

How to bet on e-sports?

As expected, betting money is the most popular and most common kind of betting on e-sports. With so many leagues and tournaments going on, you can bet on the individual winner of a duel, on the entire team, on the number of rounds, and so on. Since most tournaments are live-streamed for free, it’s easy to keep track of the results. This is the simplest type of betting on gaming tournaments and it’s becoming more and more widespread on betting sites across the world.

For those people who want to try different things, there are other types of betting, such as skin betting, where you use virtual items and in-game currencies, or fantasy betting, where you make a fantasy player or team and bet on them. In addition, because e-sports are young, you can do everything online, without leaving your room.If you’ve been wondering if betting on gaming tournaments is possible, the answer is short and simple – yes, it is! It is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge about e-sports, although it is good to get some information and do some research regarding the games and the competitors at least at the beginning. However, if you just want to have fun, it’s not hard to find a suitable bookmaking site. Just choose the game you are interested in, whether it’s League of Legends, Call of Duty, DOTA, FIFA, you name it, and you will find a betting site in no time. Place a bet on a team or a player, relax, and wait for the outcome.